AIC Colour Congress 2009 Special Issue

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AIC congresses cover all academic and professional fields of colour research from the arts, through to design and philosophy, and the sciences. The papers which are included in this special issue of /Colour: Design & Creativity/ reflect the multi-disciplinary theme which was created at the AIC Colour Congress 2009 with specific reference to colour in art, architecture, design, education and the environment.

AIC Colour Congress 2009 in Sydney, Australia
by Nick Harkness (guest editor)

A Brief Classification of Colour Illusion
by Akiyoshi Kitaoka

History of Japanese Colour
by Sachio Yoshioka

Colours of Aboriginal Australia
by Walangari Karntawarra

Preserving the Painted Image: The Art and Science of Conservation
by Maria Kubik

Using Cellarium Software as a Creative Tool
by Linda Huber

Between Glare and Abysmal Dark
by Juliet Albany

Chromatic Harmony in Architecture and the Work of Artacho Jurado
by João C O Cesar

Colour as a Pathway of Light: Searching the Shadow in Luis Barragan
by Maria J Durão

Glazed Tiles as an Improving Element for the Environmental Quality of Urban Landscape
by Carla Lobo

The Early History of White’s Illusion
by Michael White

Why are Animals Colourful? Sex and Violence, Seeing and Signals
by Justin Marshall

Shifting Interpretations of Interiors and Buildings: The Impact of Colour
by Dianne Smith and Nur Demirbilek

Measurement of Design Impact
by John Hutchings and M Ronnier Luo

A Colour Alphabet and the Limits of Colour Coding
by Paul Green-Armytage

How Colour Rhetoric is Used to Persuade
by José Luis Caivano and Mabel Amanda López

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