Colour: Design & Creativity 5/2010 - AIC Special Issue

Uusin numero Society of Dyers & Colourists -yhdistyksen julkaisemasta Colour-lehdestä on nyt ilmestynyt verkossa.

Osan artikkeleista voi lukea osoitteesta: Colour: Design & Creativity 5/2010 - AIC Special Issue

Lehden kaikki jutut:

  • AIC Colour Congress 2009 in Sydney, Australia, Nick Harkness

  • History of Japanese Colour, Sachio Yoshioka

  • Colours of Aboriginal Australia, Walangari Karntawarra

  • A Brief Classification of Colour Illusion, Akiyoshi Kitaoka

  • Preserving the Painted Image: Art and Science of Conservation, Maria Kubik

  • Chromatic Harmony in Architecture and the Work of Artacho Jurado, João C O Cesar

  • The Early History of White’s Illusion, Michael White
  • Why are Animals Colourful? Sex and Violence, Seeing and Signals, Justin Marshall

  • Glazed Tiles as an Improving Element for the Environmental Quality of Urban Landscape,Carla Lobo & João Pernão

  • A Colour Alphabet and the Limits of Colour Coding, Paul Green-Armytage

  • How Colour Rhetoric is Used to Persuade, José Luis Caivano & Mabel Amanda López

  • Colour as a Pathway of Light: Searching the Shadow in Luis Barragan, Maria J Durão

  • Shifting interpretations of interiors and buildings: the impact of colour, Dianne Smith and Nur Demirbilek

  • Measurement of Design Impact, John Hutchings and M Ronnier Luo



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