Sitaatti valkoisesta

Ystäväni Ritva lähetti tänään lainauksen The Devil Wears Prada -kirjasta. Lumi on sulanut ja ulkona on taas pimeää ja lohduttoman näköistä, joten - valkoisen toivossa - tässä kaikille:

Everything glowed white. Light white, smooth white, bright white, textured white, and rich white. Bundles on milky white peonies looked as if they grew from the table itself, deliciously lush but low enough to allow people to talk over them. Bone white china (with a white checked pattern) rested on a crisp white linen tablecloth, and high-backed white oak chairs were covered in luscious white suede (the danger!), all atop a plush white carpet, specially laid for the evening. White votive candles in simple white porcelain holders gave off a soft white light, highlighting (but somehow not burning) the peopies from underneath and providing subtle, unobtrusive illumination aroung the table.

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