ISEND 2008 (International Symposium and Exhibition on Natural Dyes)

ISEND 2008 järjestetään 22-27.9.2008 Daegussa, Koreassa.

Environmentally-friendly life and welfare are the common goals of all human beings throughout the world today, but we are suffering from environmental pollution and getting more isolated by the development of technology and science.

In this regards, it is timely to hold ISEND 2008. We expect this event will become a big festival for all scholars, artists and craftsmen to share their knowledge and skills in natural dyeing.
We are also proud that many artists from home and overseas will join the conference and workshops and make this a meaningful experience.

Korean traditional natural dyeing was restored in 1979 and since then it has been active for the last 30 years. And the venue, Daegu, is a city, which has specialized in fabrics and fashions for a long time.

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